Displays of God’s Mercy and Love from Pastor Orin Wiseman

As the world responds to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, and as we as a nation, state, community, and church take actions to guard against its spread, these are becoming unique times in ministry, especially in the realm of pastoral care. We know many are following social distancing guidelines, health protection protocols, adjusting their lifestyles, and even isolating themselves from the public as directed by governmental and health authorities.

The staff of LOCC cares about you and how you are doing during this exceptional time. Although pastoral care visitation to hospitals, nursing homes, and care centers has been restricted, or even prohibited in some cases, we will continue to provide pastoral care to you via phone, email, text, and one-on-one visits when and where permitted. Please let us know if you become ill, are hospitalized, are seeking prayer, in need of supplies or assistance in any way, or simply would like someone to talk with. Our pastoral care team will do all possible to respond.

This is also a time and opportunity for all of us, as God’s people, to reach out to our neighbors, friends, and others we encounter, to offer words of compassion, encouragement, prayer, and displays of God’s mercy and love during a very challenging time.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10

Pastor Orin Wiseman


  1. I have felt very disappointed that Live Oaks refuses to show the praise, and sermons LIVE as they are happening.

    I want to watch church when I have always watch , not hours later!

    The only reason for this has to be the desire of the pastors to keep people showing up to the building.

    Porta Poties are a really unsanitary idea. Sorry , I’m frustrated by the situation.

    1. Hi, Jackie!

      Scott Wible here – LOCC’s new communications director. Gosh, I think we’re ALL frustrated about the restrictions we’re having to observe as a result of COVID-19. I believe I understand your concerns, so let me respond:

      The reason we don’t show our worship services online “live as they are happening” is because the quality of picture and sound when we’ve tested the livestreaming technology in the past does not measure up to Pastor Chris Atkins’ standards of excellence. We definitely will reconsider should the technology improve enough down the road.

      You DO have an option right now though – it’s spelled out on our website, but I’ll explain it here, too. In the interest of safeguarding our church family and staff, the elders made the decision to shut down all indoor activities, including worship services at both our Woodridge and Southern Oaks Campuses. However, people have indicated a desire to continue corporate worship with each other even if they have to stay in their vehicles, so we’re trying to accommodate that. Here’s how:

      We are pre-recording each week’s worship time, message, announcements, etc., and broadcasting the entire service on our Jumbotron screen at The Grove at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday and at 8:30 a.m., 10:15 a.m., and noon on Sunday. So if you come to The Grove in your car or golf cart, you can join others (keeping the prescribed social distance of 6-to-10 feet, of course!) at our normal service times, with the addition of a bonus broadcast at noon.

      But you have yet another option now, too! From home you can access the service as early as Saturday evening on YouTube and on our website by Sunday morning. Here are the links:

      On our website:

      On YouTube (for the March 21-22 service):

      And we agree! Porta potties are not ideal. In fact when Pastor Chris Holck greeted everybody live during worship services at The Grove this past Saturday/Sunday, he said, “If it were me, I’d drive home.” But since the building is closed, we want to provide an option for anybody in an emergency situation. Every effort is made to keep these portable lavatories clean and stocked with hand sanitizer. But it is, indeed, a last-resort measure.

      Blessings, Jackie!

  2. Great message both on the video and also enjoyed outdoor service. I want to encourage our pastoral team. Your doing a great job in a difficult time, I watch the video and also went to outdoor service. Both were good but liked the outdoor experience because I felt like I was in the Church with my fellow believers. Finally, I found the porta-potties to be very sanitary. Thanks for your great effort to serve Christ in these difficult times. Let us live Psalms 23. God Bless you all, Jane and Steve Eaton.

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