Stimulus Check and Food Drive

Have You Found That Surprise Gift in Your Bank Account Yet?

What are you doing with your stimulus check? Based on what we knew one month ago, we would all have to agree that the stimulus check we have already received or will be receiving is unexpected. What do you do with unexpected gifts?
Sometimes such gifts are the provision you need for an unwanted expense you face.

Sometimes they are the provision you need to help a family member in financial straits. That is very possibly your case, considering the unemployment that has ensued as a result of our economic shutdown. You may be able to aid a child or grandchild who needs help.
Sometimes we need to boost our savings for an uncertain future.
Sometimes we have no special need for this bonus and we can simply ask God, “How can I be a blessing to someone else?”
Your scenario is most likely a combination of these possibilities. That is my own situation. But regardless of what we feel we need to do with this windfall, couldn’t we all give a tithe back to God? In fact I would suggest that, since we didn’t ask for or expect this insertion of money into our accounts, could we give a double tithe?
Here is the math for a church of our size. If everyone tithed, it would create approximately $160,000 in funds for our church. General Fund, Living Oaks Campaign – you decide! A double tithe creates an extra $320,000. If that amount of money went into our Living Oaks Campaign, which is designated to be used for our ministry expansion, it would put us over the $5 million dollar mark, well on the way to our $7.5 million goal.
Please pray about whether you might give 10%, 20%, or even 100% of this unexpected gift toward the work of our local ministry.
Pastor Chris Holck
Here’s how you can help:What: Grace Tabernacle drive-through food collection (to benefit the Grace Tabernacle Food Pantry)When: 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Monday, April 20Where: Southern Oaks Campus at Grace Tabernacle, 7279 Warm Springs Ave., Wildwood, FL 34785ORWhat: Seeds of Hope drive-through food collection (to benefit the Wildwood Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen)When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 29Where: The Grove, adjacent to Live Oaks Community Church, Woodridge Campus, 12070 CR 103, Oxford, FL 34484Monetary donations can be made online to Seeds of Hope via our LOCC website: liveoakschurch.orgGreatest needs: jelly, stew or hash, mac’n’cheese, Spaghettios, cereals, rice, pasta, shelf-stable milk, soups, other canned goods. And peanut butter for Grace Tabernacle, but NOT for Seeds of Hope. Gloved and masked volunteers will remove food items from your trunk or hatch to avoid any personal contact. Questions? Ask Kirk Carver at or 352.391.7004. Thanks for your generosity!

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