You Can Still Watch Live Online Right From Your Home

Can’t join us in person? Catch one of our live-streamed services in real time here:

LOCC Live!

What’s different about live-streamed than what we have been doing? We have been pre-taping our preaching and worship music over the last six weeks and creating a recorded version for you to watch. This week, you will be seeing what is happening live on the outdoor stage. 

(You also may view services later at your convenience via YouTube or

It’s Communion Weekend, so here are some reminders:We practice “open communion,” meaning that participants should be believers, but need not be members of the church. We practice a memorial view of the Lord’s Supper, meaning that the bread and cup are symbols that remind us of the sacrifice Jesus made when He died for our sins.

You will receive your communion elements before the service when you enter The Grove, but please wait to partake of the bread and cup so we can all do so together. Both the bread and the cup are contained in one sealed package so that you can safely place it in your vehicle until it is time to open it. Of course, if you prefer to bring your own to The Grove, you are welcome to do that. 

FYI: The bread is NOT gluten-free.

(If you are viewing from home, be sure to have your bread and cup ready ahead of time!)

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