Scripture On the Wall: Crowd Gathers for Memorable Event

Joyful voices echoed throughout the construction site of our Woodridge Campus ministry expansion project this past Sunday as a crowd of scribes armed with markers and chalk dispersed to every nook and cranny to record Scripture on the walls. “Hundreds came out to surround our new ministry center with the Word of God,” observed Pastor Chris Holck.

Many among the throng remember that the church family gathered for the same purpose four years ago when our existing Woodridge facility was nearing completion. LOCC Secretary Pat Brimer was there. “It just made you feel so much more a part of the church,” she recalls. “And it was amazing how we ended up getting the property here – God has blessed our church so richly.”

“Ultimately our ‘handwriting on the wall’ will be covered up,” Pastor Chris acknowledged, “but we’ll always know what we wrote and where.”

LOCC’s new Woodridge Campus ministry center is expected to open on Christmas Eve 2021.

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