Pastor Chris On Sabbastical: Be Back First Week In November

Kathleen and I want to thank you for the gift of a sabbatical. We will be departing Sunday afternoon after the 10:30 service, so we hope to see many of you this weekend. We smile when we think of the last 10 1/2 years of ministry here, and a rest will do us good.

First Stop: Germany
Your generosity paid for our trip to Germany where we’ll experience a Martin Luther Reformation Tour and the famous Oberammergau Passion Play, which has been presented every 10 years beginning in 1634. There was a surplus from your giving toward our trip of a couple thousand dollars which will support our Community Blessing outreach. Beyond your financial gifts, your well wishes and sincere appreciation are a tremendous gift to us. Thank you.

I’ll Be Back
I am not retiring and we will return the first week of November when I will resume my calling as the full-time Lead Pastor. We will base out of our “other home” during the coming months which is in a lovely resort area on the Iowa/Minnesota border called Okoboji. We will be able to see our family more and just enjoy the comfort and beauty of that area. I intend to update the book that chronicles the story of Live Oaks Community Church. I originally wrote it in 2016 and a lot has happened since then. Understatement!!!

In the Meantime…
You are well aware that we have a very seasoned staff who can carry on the ministry in my absence. The addition of James Armstrong as our Executive and Teaching Pastor is perfect timing. If you have a question or concern that you would have come to me with, you can direct it to Pastor James, or one of the other staff members who might be more appropriate based on the question or concern that you have. I have complete confidence that our church will move forward effectively while I am away. God has blessed us with a mature and godly staff who want to serve you and the Kingdom.

Staff Changes
The addition of Pastor James creates an opportunity for Pastor Bob Page to shift in his ministry emphasis. James will be leading our Disciplemaking ministry which encompasses Bible studies, men’s and women’s ministries, and Encore Groups. I thank Bob for his outstanding leadership in those areas over the last nine years. His new role will be Woodridge Campus Pastor. Pastor Sam offers shepherding oversight to the Southern Oaks Campus and Pastor Bob will do the same for the people who call Woodridge their primary campus. It is too big of a job for one part-time pastor, even though Bob is tremendously gifted, so when I return I will come alongside him as well as our other pastors to ensure that the needs of our people are being met.

In other staff news, Facilities Manager Dale Vesta has resigned as of the end of July, stating a desire to have more family time in his “retirement” years. We thank Dale for guiding us through some finishing touches at our two campuses, and for his attention to the importance of security and safety at our campuses. He has headed up our Awareness Team and will be stepping down from that role as well. He was an incredible team member for us and we thank him and his wife Leanne for their dedication to the Lord and our church.

We Need a Facilities Manager
We are looking for someone who is interested in the role of Facilities Manager. If you or someone you know is gifted in property and project management and has a knack for fixing things or knowing who to call to fix things, please contact Pastor James Armstrong at

Auf Wiedersehen just practicing my German

God bless you all, and as much as we are excited to begin our sabbatical rest, I know we will be equally excited to see you all again late this Fall. We love you and we love what God is doing at this Live Oaks Community Church.

~ Pastor Chris and Kathleen Holck

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