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Annual Meeting Live stream and information


Worship services @ the grove saturday at 4:30 and sunday at 8:30 and 10:15 a.m.


What: Annual Congregational Meeting
When: 5:30 p.m. Sunday, April 26
Where: The Grove

All are welcome to attend our Annual Congregational Meeting at 5:30 p.m. this coming Sunday at The Grove. You can attend in person and stay in your vehicle, or you may join us online in real time from home via YouTube or the LOCC Website.
The agenda for our meeting is quite simple. You will:

1.) Hear the annual pastor’s report from Pastor Chris Holck;
2.) Receive an explanation of the ballot and the three items on which we are voting; and
3.) Have an opportunity before the vote to text questions to Administrator Paul Erdmann’s phone at 352.901.0550 (be sure to include your name in the text) which will be read before the assembly and answered by the same team that hosted our two Phone-in Forums.

As you enter The Grove, a masked/gloved person will hand you a ballot. After the meeting, you will return your completed ballot to a masked/gloved person as you exit The Grove. You also may vote online with the ballot that is attached to this email. We have 472 members at this time, and only members can vote. For your vote to count, you must be sure to add your name to your ballot (legibly written), whether you submit it in person or electronically.
Voting will be closed at the end of the business meeting and then the votes will be tallied and results emailed on Monday April 27.
In this email you will find:

1.) A very interesting historical review of our expansion planning process from our Building Team Chair Dave Bussone;
2.) A letter of explanation and revised summary page from Paul Erdmann that spells out the financials for our building project. It turns out that our financial strength is significantly stronger than we had previously indicated in the prior email – this is an update;
3.) Your absentee ballot (for your use if you cannot attend the meeting in person) 

Please be in prayer as we seek the Lord for decisions that will honor Him. As our 40-Day Prayer Devotional stated on Day 37:

 “The purpose of prayer is not to get what you want: the goal of prayer is to discern what God wants, what God wills.”
“Agreeing with someone in prayer is like getting your prayer notarized.”

In His Steps,
Pastor Chris Holck

Woodridge Campus Phase 2A History of Prayer and Planning

By David Bussone
Building Team Chair

Planning for Phase 2 of our Woodridge Campus began when the Lord blessed us with an opportunity to purchase some land in conjunction with ElimCare (now Cassia). While Cassia owns the largest piece of the 25-acre property, LOCC’s 5.7 acres comprised the perfect size for a Phase 1 starter building and a Phase 2 sanctuary. Serving initially as a sanctuary and meeting facility, the Phase 1 building was designed to eventually become the LOCC campus multi-purpose center to facilitate, for example, our ongoing commitment to Operation Christmas Child/Filler Factory.
Building Phase 1 with Phase 2 in Mind

During construction of Phase 1, plans included infrastructure allowances for things that would permit Phase 2 to proceed more quickly and smoothly when the congregation decided to proceed with its construction. Utilities like electricity, water, and sewer needs were sized for a campus that would include both buildings. Parking, involving use of Cassia’s spaces, was arranged. Retention ponds sized for the requirements of the adjoining campuses were built. Preliminary planning was conducted to be certain that a future corridor from Cassia facilities would line up with an appropriate entry location in Phase 2. Similarly, it was imperative that the Commons corridors for Phases 1 and 2 connect perfectly. A lot of forethought was given to details years before they might become reality.
Praying for God’s Guidance

The LOCC Building Team (for Phase 2) held its first official meeting on April 5, 2018. Every meeting has opened with a prayer asking God to give us wisdom, understanding of His wishes, and that we maintain the path that He desires for LOCC. Since that time the committee and/or sub-committees have met almost weekly. Team members are Tim Pederson, Rich Eaton, Tom Stark, Judie Burleson, Becky Barber, Bill Lyon, Paul Erdmann, Pastor Chris Holck, and David Bussone.
Getting the Right People

Prior to that meeting we had discussions regarding LOCC’s vision and mission statements and how they needed to influence a new building. We recommended to the elders that a design-build methodology be used for the project and that Chap Dinkins (Dinkins Construction) be selected as the contractor-in-charge. Andrew Copeland of KP Studio Architects was recommended as the project’s architect. Chap has a tremendous amount of experience with construction projects, and especially church construction. He was the general contractor for our current building. Andy is highly regarded locally as an architect and has been involved in both church and general architecture. One of his more recognizable projects to Villagers is The Sharon.
Doing the Research

In May 2018 we took our first of several outings to visit other churches. These were intended to educate us about types of construction, seating, and tiered vs. level floors. In addition, we had some classroom education about construction styles including tilt wall, pre-engineered, and conventional. Committee members were asked to make a list of pros and cons about each of the churches that we visited. We reached a consensus quite early about the type of building we believed was most appropriate – a partner to the existing church building in terms of fit, finish, and quality. This was recommended to the elders, as well as construction of tiered flooring. The latter will provide better visibility for all in the new sanctuary.

Establishing the Essentials

Phase 2 would complete LOCC’s ability to utilize its property. As a result, planning ahead was essential. We have no interest in becoming a mega church; being a healthy and unified church is an imperative though. The team wanted a worship space that maximized use of the church’s footprint. The space needed to be acoustically and aesthetically superb. Because of the demographics of our population, LOCC needs more bathrooms than code requires. We need an office suite that would facilitate more staff that require onsite communication and coordination, while recognizing that some staff are able to work from home. The tech department needs a studio environment.
More fellowship space is needed because we are a church family that enjoys being together. LOCC needs meeting and hospitality rooms – and shared meeting space that can be used as a conference center. The latter will assist in planning as “we gather to go.” The corridor from Trinity Springs and its future independent living wing will provide access to LOCC for the residents. A covered drop off will allow cars to drop off passengers during inclement weather. And, of course, more storage space is always a necessity. These, and the items listed earlier, were each discussed and thought through.
Putting the Plan on Paper

After numerous visioning sessions with the architect, a concept plan was proposed. The building would have one and a half stories. The sanctuary and some instructional space would be on the first floor. The half floor above would contain additional instructional space and offices.

A 100-foot tall lighthouse with an illuminated cross visible in all four directions was incorporated in the concept. When the original concept was somewhat firm, Chap Dinkins was able to develop an estimated budget of approximately $12.5 million. The proposed cost was too high, and Chap and Andy were asked to look for savings. The half floor was estimated to cost $1.5 – $2 million. In early November 2018 a recommendation was made to the elders that it be eliminated from the plans.
Seating recommendations were made to the elders after several July and August 2019 meetings with vendors. The sanctuary will have approximately 750 theater style, fixed floor chairs with arm rests. The chairs will have fabric seats that fold up for ease of movement, and fabric backs.
Turning to the Experts

There are many aspects of the building that have required specific expertise over the past two years. For some of these we are blessed to have congregational experts. For example, Judie Burleson and Becky Barber have been heavily involved in all finish and features of the new building. The result will be similar to what we currently experience. Tim Pederson, Paul Erdman and Rich Eaton (all with construction experience) poured over pages of plans to examine the detail and make suggestions on beneficial changes. Bill Lyon and Chris Holck added expertise from their positions to determine what staff and pastoral needs would exist in the building. And Tom Stark, chair of the Phase 1 team, brought knowledge of errors that need not be repeated, as well as an overview of the whole process.

Where we did not have in house expertise, we used outside consultants, including two former professors from the University of Florida. These were very technical consultations regarding acoustics and lighting. Pastor Chris Atkins and Isaac Rojas spent hours responding to questionnaires and meeting with the external consultants to be certain that the spoken word is as appreciated and understandable as the music that will be played there. The concepts in the reports generated have been included in the building plans.
Our plans today are essentially complete. We are blessed to have had the involvement of so many Christ-loving people, including our contractor and architect. More to come.

Please peruse this important update from Administrator Paul Erdmann:

Updated Summary Page

Here is your ballot! You may either print it off and bring it with you to the Annual Meeting at The Grove, or you may vote online. You may vote as soon as you open your ballot. Voting will close at the end of the Annual Meeting.

Print Your Ballot Here

Vote Online Here


Here’s the plan at Live Oaks:

“Don’t be afraid, little flock.” That’s what Jesus said to His disciples in Luke 12:32, and that’s what He says to us today. Do not worry, God is in control. None of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic come as a surprise to Him. Therefore we have no need to be anxious – but we do want our actions to reflect God-directed wisdom. Motivated from a position of faith, not fear, after much prayer and thanksgiving, and in keeping with the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) latest directives, our LOCC elders and staff have made some decisions you will want to note:

Worship Services at The Grove
Although we must temporarily suspend all indoor services at both our Woodridge and Southern Oaks Campuses, we will offer four outdoor service times for corporate worship at The Grove (Woodridge Campus) this coming weekend and on subsequent weekends for as long as we can. Take part in the entire service by watching the prerecorded music and message from the comfort and privacy of your car or golf cart, projected onto our Jumbotron screen and broadcast over our outdoor sound system. Or you may choose to access the audio at 95.1 on your FM dial.

Service Times @ The Grove:4:30 p.m. Saturday, March 218:30 a.m., 10:15 a.m., or noon Sunday, March 22 Ground Rules @ The Grove (based on CDC directives):Stay in your car or golf cart during the service (no lawn chairs, please!)Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between vehicles. Stay home if you’re feeling sick.There will be no greeting time; as unusual and uncharacteristic as it is, please do not move about and greet others. Waves and horn honking are encouraged. Stay home If you feel vulnerable to disease due to preexisting health conditions. Our building will be closed, but a Porta Potty will be on site. Do bring your Bible – we are continuing our study of Luke.Please give as you normally would – an offering will be collected.ALL ARE WELCOME!Worship Services Online
You can also access the worship and sermon online at home. There are two ways: via our YouTube channel (Live Oaks Church – YouTube) by Saturday evening, or our website ( the following Sunday morning. Any device works, from your phone to your laptop to your flat screen TV.

Bible Studies, Support Groups,
Rehearsals, and Other Indoor Activities
All indoor gatherings at both our Woodridge and Southern Oaks campuses have been suspended until further notice. This includes indoor worship services, Filler Factory, Bible studies, Griefshare, AA, Widowers Support, choir and worship team rehearsals, and any other indoor assemblies. (Note: The LOCC Women’s Ministry hopes to bring noted Bible teacher Bobbie Brecher back in the not-too-distant future to complete her study of Psalm 23 and 24.)

Encore Groups
All Encore Groups have been suspended for the remaining four weeks in this session. As much as we hate to close off this lifeline of fellowship, mutual encouragement, and instruction in our church, we believe that the nationwide precaution to avoid groupings of 10 or more persons is a wise one. We trust that you will find creative ways to keep in touch – technology offers some great alternatives. We don’t have to stop connecting with each other or supporting one another even if we can’t gather in conventional ways for awhile. We are still one body in Christ!

Annual Meeting/Budget Forums
The Annual Congregational Meeting originally scheduled for March 29 has been rescheduled for 5:30 p.m. Sunday, April 26. Budget Forums have been moved to noon Tuesday, April 21, and 6 p.m. Thursday, April 23.

April Events
April gatherings, including our Palm Sunday evening movie at The Grove, our Easter services, and our Migration Party (set for April 3) are neither cancelled nor postponed at this time. Keep them on your calendars until you hear otherwise. We will continue to evaluate the health risks and governmental guidelines and restrictions before making final decisions about these events.

Mission/Service Trips
All March and April trips have been postponed, and May trips most likely will be postponed as well. Watch for further information as it becomes available.

A Word from Pastor Chris Holck
“We have a unique opportunity to offer worship services in an outdoor setting that accommodates a safe social distance, so we plan to continue them for as long as we can. Last weekend Grove attendees at our three Woodridge services numbered 50 Saturday evening, 70 at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, and 120 at 10:15. Feedback was positive – people were glad they could gather with other Christians (albeit a different experience) rather than watch the service on their computers. We are committed to observing social distance guidelines, however, so there will be no formal greeting time or time to roam around conversing with others. Thank you in advance for respecting these precautionary measures. We have added an additional service at noon in hopes that more people from our community will take part.”

Live Oaks Church |Displays of God’s
Mercy and Love

As the world responds to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, and as we as a nation, state, community, and church take actions to guard against its spread, these are becoming unique times in ministry, especially in the realm of pastoral care. We know many are following social distancing guidelines, health protection protocols, adjusting their lifestyles, and even isolating themselves from the public as directed by governmental and health authorities.

The staff of LOCC cares about you and how you are doing during this exceptional time. Although pastoral care visitation to hospitals, nursing homes, and care centers has been restricted, or even prohibited in some cases, we will continue to provide pastoral care to you via phone, email, text, and one-on-one visits when and where permitted. Please let us know if you become ill, are hospitalized, are seeking prayer, in need of supplies or assistance in any way, or simply would like someone to talk with. Our pastoral care team will do all possible to respond.

This is also a time and opportunity for all of us, as God’s people, to reach out to our neighbors, friends, and others we encounter, to offer words of compassion, encouragement, prayer, and displays of God’s mercy and love during a very challenging time.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10

Pastor Orin Wiseman

Live Oaks Church |Only $320,000 Away from Putting a Spade in the Ground

The Elders of Live Oaks Community Church have prayerfully considered our next steps for the expansion of our ministry at LOCC’s Woodridge Campus. The link below takes you to the Living Oaks Campaign update Pastor Chris shared this past weekend. It’s only a few minutes long, but it talks about how we have finally received a Guaranteed Maximum Price for our building from our contractor and a loan commitment from a bank. When those numbers are factored into the generosity that has already poured out from our LOCC family, we find we are only $302,000 away from being able to begin our project.

Campaign Update
We have come so far and now are so close.

Now it’s up to the membership of Live Oaks Community Church to vote on whether or not to proceed with borrowing and building at this time. The vote will take place at our Annual Congregational Meeting, scheduled for April 26. Therefore, we have until that date to accumulate $302,000 in cash for our ministry expansion. Gifts toward that sum can take the form of:

the fulfillment of a commitment already made;
a new commitment or cash gift; or
an additional gift from those who’ve already fulfilled their commitments, but who find they are joyfully able and willing to do more.
Don’t confuse this $302,000 goal with our overall Living Oaks Campaign Goal. Achieving this goal allows us to start construction with the bank’s permission. We will continue to raise funds toward our $7.5 million goal that will allow us to both build this Woodridge expansion as well as purchase land for our Southern Oaks Campus. By raising this $302,000 now, we will cross over the $5 million dollar mark in commitments – so that means we are 2/3 of the way toward our goal. Thanks, Live Oaks Community Church, for your generosity.

Please pray about what God would have you do to help us raise this final amount toward making our ministry expansion dreams come true!

Live Oaks Church |Take on this 40-day prayer challenge

Take on this 40-day prayer challenge as the entire LOCC community commits to reading life-changing, faith-building daily devotionals from Mark Batterson’s book Draw the Circle.
We have a free copy of the book for any of you who did not receive one last year. Our 40-day journey began Monday, March 16, and we will complete it together on Friday, April 24.

It’s not too late to join the adventure!

This church-wide spiritual journey will make a huge impact on your life and on the Live Oaks Community Church family.