Bible Studies

Bible Studies and equipping opportunities

Short-term Bible studies, classes, seminars, and other equipping opportunities provide great ways for you to connect with others and build your walk with Jesus. Choose from a variety of studies offered throughout the year.

Men's Fall Bible Studies

  • “1 & 2 Thessalonians”led by Bud Smith at 9:30 a.m. Thursdays, September 29 - March 30, in The Commons at Southern Oaks. Paul’s words of appreciation, instruction, and admonition scattered throughout these two letters can help LOCC become more and more the church God wants us to be.   Sign up here:
    • “Where Do We Go from Here?” a David Jeremiah DVD series facilitated by Paul Vicary at 9 a.m. Wednesdays beginning October 12 in the Lighthouse Cafe at Woodridge. Learn about 10 prophetic issues as current as the morning news, and find out the steps you can take to navigate them. Sign up here:

    Women's Fall Bible Studies

    Bible Study Sign-ups Begins NOW!

    In an effort to make Bible Study more accessible to the growing numbers of women at Live Oaks Community Church, Women's Ministry is changing things up this season by offering a variety of starting dates, length of studies, locations, times and topics.  We hope you have the opportunity to join us as we continue to gather to grow through God's Word.

    If you need assistance signing up, please contact Claudia DeGraaf at (815) 474-1339. Some of the classes do have size limits, so we encourage you to sign-up as quickly as possible. Please remember, you may not sign-up with the leader. 

    The easiest way to quickly sign-up for a study is by clicking the orange button located below the description of the study you wish to attend. Or you may also sign-up through the LOCC Phone App.

    "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path"

    ~ Psalms 199:105 NIV

    • “Where Do We Go From Here” Held: Every Monday @ 1:00 pm      Dates: September 12th - November 14th - Learn about 10 prophetic issues as current as the morning news, and find out the steps you can take to navigate them.

      Where: Woodridge,  Lighthouse 
      Leader: Pat Wilson Wolff 
      Assistant: Wanda Bivens     Phone: (352) 299-6773     Email:
      Purchase Study Guide ONLY and Bring Your Bible  
    • “Seamless” Held: Every Monday @ 1:00 pm      Dates: October 3rd - November 14th
      Where:  Southern Oaks, The Commons
      Leader: Becky Barber      Phone: (540) 529-1028      Email:
      Purchase Book and Bring Your Bible

      This study is full.

    • “Ecclesiastes” Held: Every Thursday @ 9:00 am      Dates: September 15th - November 17th - better equipped to live joyfully and choose well in our complex, demanding, and sometimes even grim world.
      Where: Carol Prussman Home - 1146 Ivawood Way, Village of Dunedin
      Leader: Judy Gatterdam     Phone: (502) 558-9010     Email:
      Purchase Book and Bring Your Bible
    • "Book Of Philippians” Finding Joy in Life's Ups and Downs!
       Held: Every Wednesday at 2 Different Locations     
      Dates: October 5th - November 9th
      MORNING @ 9:00 am
      Where: Woodridge Multipurpose Room

      AFTERNOON @ 1:00 pm - This study will bring truth, wisdom, and insight for your life in Christ – find joy, capture joy, and be encouraged to spread joy everywhere you go.
      Where: Southern Oaks Worship Center
      Leader: Cheri Benson
      Assistant: Melissa Dockum      Phone: (630) 746-7412      Email:
         Bring Your Bible



    • “Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners & Sufferers” Held: Every Thursday @ 1:00 p.m.      Dates:Begins October 6  - Plumb the depths of Christ’s heart for sinners and sufferers; be rooted in His character, and thus be transformed into His image.
      Where: Lighthouse Cafe'
      Leader: Pat Taylor     Phone: (303) 819-1101     Email:
      Purchase Book and Bring Your Bible

    Opportunities For Everyone

    In addition to men's and women's classes only, two coed classes are being offered.  Every person attending a Coed class has to sign-up individually (even if you are a couple).  There are two ways to sign-up:

      1. Each person attending clicks the orange button below the description of the study you wish to attend.
      2. For the Coed classes ONLY, you may sign-up directly with the instructors by phone or email, using the link or phone number provided. 

    • “Basics of the Faith” This class, led by Tom Purvis, meets at 1 p.m. Tuesdays beginning August 23 in the Lighthouse Cafe at
      Woodridge. Whether you are new to the faith or just wanting to review/learn more about the basics of
      Christianity, this class is for you.

      This class is full.
    • “Chain Breakers” What are the chains that bind you in your life? In this class, we’ll examine both Scripture
      and the 12-step programs have long been a great help to people in recovery. Much of their power
      comes from the fact that these programs capture principles clearly revealed in God’s Word.
      This study is open to all, but those who are already familiar with 12-step recovery programs will discover
      how Scripture supports what they do in recovery.
      The study meets from 1 to 2 p.m. on Mondays beginning October 3 in the Family Room at Woodridge.
      Bibles will be supplied for class members.
      Questions? Contact Bob Hawkins 815 499 0484 or Sue Hawkins 815 499 0497

    • “Equipping You”

      Equipping yoU offers a variety of training options for the entire Live Oaks Community
      Church family no matter where you are in your faith journey!

      Know, Apply, Live Out God’s Word

      Equipping yoU is a long-term, Bible-based, study series that equips both men and women
      to understand the Book, apply the Book, and incarnate the Book – with an emphasis on the
      application of God’s Word to daily life. Each 10-week course stands alone; you may pick
      and choose which courses you want to attend.

      Lots of Q&A and Lively Discussion

      Interactive sessions (offered in two 10-week semesters per year) feature such topics as:

    • The upcoming “Equipping yoU” series ""Living By the Book" meets from 9:30 to 11 a.m. weekly beginning Thursday, October 6, in the Multi-Purpose Room at Woodridge.

      Questions? Contact Pastor Bob Page at

      847.917.0551 or

    • “Equipped To Care”

      What is your understanding of the Bible? Is it a book you open when the pastor cites a page
      number? Or is it a trusted friend that you know can provide answers when circumstances
      are challenging – a guidebook sufficient for navigating life’s twists and turns from a godly
      perspective? Have you ever wanted to share Scripture with someone else in need of help or
      hope, but didn’t feel confident in knowing where to look?

    • Equipped to Care is a 9-week class open to everyone desiring to deepen their understanding of the Bible.

    • Learn how to use God’s Word to care for, mentor, disciple, and
      encourage as you walk alongside others. Gain assurance and boldness as you share the
      truths of God's Word and communicate the gospel with family, friends, and anyone the Lord
      might choose to bring within your sphere of influence.
      We’ll examine the fundamentals of faith starting with Scripture; God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit;
      man (and woman); and understanding our human hearts. We’ll look at how these
      fundamentals apply to issues of suffering, grief, family, marriage, and other relationships.
      How do we connect with adult children, or our grandchildren, in meaningful ways? How do
      we develop deep friendships; show others we value them; make a difference in someone
      else’s life?

    • Watch for information about when the next sessions will take place.
    • Questions? Contact Tom Taylor at or 720.292.0247; or Tom
      Purvis at or 303.947.8052.