Equipped To Care

Grief Share at Live Oaks Church

Equipped to care
At Live Oaks

What is your understanding of the Bible?  Is it a book you open when the pastor tells you a page number, or a trusted friend that you know is sufficient to meet any human struggle? How can you make sense of life with its twists and turns from a godly perspective?

Are God and His Word sufficient to help us or someone else through struggles or do we need something more? Have you ever wanted to use scripture to help or care for someone else, but didn’t feel confident or didn’t know where to look? This class is open to anyone desiring to deepen their understanding of scripture and how to use God’s Word to care for, mentor, disciple or just walk alongside others.  Whether this is a spouse, adult child or grandchild, friend, or someone God might bring to light, you will become more confident in the use of scripture and sharing the gospel.

We’ll look at the Fundamentals of the Faith starting with Scripture, God, Man, Jesus, The Holy spirit, and understanding the heart. Mixed in, we’ll discuss how the fundamentals apply to suffering, grief, marriage and family. How can a person deal with worry and anxiety, anger, the feeling of loneliness? How do you relate to or advise adult children or grandchildren? How does one develop deep friendships, value others and feel valued and useful?

Classes will be offered again in January 2023. Watch for details to come soon.

For more information, contact Tom Taylor at ttaylor@tomstr.com or 720.292.0247; or Tom Purvis at tpurvis757@yahoo.com or 303.947.8052.