1. Thank you, dear Pastor Chris for preaching the WORD. How you remind me of the beloved Pastor I had in South Africa over 50 years ago. From a very young Christian he taught me the WORD. I survived on the WORD, and have done so ever since. How refreshing to hear you preaching from the PRECIOUS WORD. Now you are preaching even in Ecuador. It was about 50 years ago that we sang “I know whom I have believed”. So beautiful!

    I praise GOD for the “Timothy” HE has placed at Living Oaks. I praise GOD for you, and for those who serve together with you. If I were there listening to your appeal to serve the LORD, I would have run to the front. THANK YOU for encouraging others to serve JESUS, too.

    I now have the link to your sermons. I will “attend” your ministry religiously, even from a great distance. I thank GOD for Rose Herman who “introduced” you to me.

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